Going Bare for the Fun of It

It's true - going hairless isn't just for the ladies anymore – a growing number of guys are visiting waxing salons for things like facial waxing, leg or butt waxing or a chest wax. Some guys are even going for the no-hair-down-there look, referred to as a male bikini wax, a male Brazilian, a Manzilian, a Brozilian or a Boyzilian. What are your thoughts on manscaping?

If you don't have any idea, it's OK to go with "perhaps." If you do, go for a little adventure. That's more macho than sitting out. Add it to your bucket list. The women will love it.

Think, first, about something simple: eyebrow waxing. It has been for women only, but this eyebrow waxing is now the norm for guys of all political stripes, sexual orientations and ages. Carefully groomed eyebrows can make you more handsome, and the waxed appearance looks nice to the ladies.

Now for the nose hairs and ear fur. As guys get older, body hair of all varieties gets thicker. When it's emerging out your nose, or growing on the ridges of your ears, you might look like you belong in a caveman film. Or worse. Get your unwanted face hair into place with waxing, or resort to the trimmers and tweezers. For a youthful look, I recommend the waxing option.

Know, this, though: don't try it on the rest of your face, jaw and jowls! This masculine hair is very thick like fur. You're more likely to have the results of a skinned cat than a charming guy if you go this route. You should probably instead keep to regular shaving or indulge in a straight-razor experience. Often, waxing salons for men specialize in the perfect shave.

Throughout the evolution of mankind, body hair was just considered natural. You had it or not, and most people thought they were endowed with fur or not. Now, the amount of fur and grooming are more relevant, according to the expert aestheticians at hair removal for men west jordan, ut.

Now, let's head south for a few minutes. To know how the best do it, head to So. Cal. Leading men have grooming methods such as waxing the hip bones to look more trim while leaving a happy trail to make the abs. For the most adoring looks from the ladies, the celebrities wax the whole package.

If you haven't ever done a wax, you should. It's sexy and pretty painless. The no-hair look could just be the bucket list item that you go for time and again.